Music Ministry

Harrison Church
John Leon Lewis is the Minister of Music of the oldest Methodist Church in Mecklenburg County. Harrison United Methodist is over 224 years old. Over the years the ministry has grown and seeks to meet the needs of its ever growing community. John joined the staff at Harrison Church in 2004 and is having great success in providing a powerful worship experience each Sunday. He is supporting by gifted musicians and singers that have a desire to lead the congregation into the presence of God through their offerings of music.

John leads the 9:15 AM Contemporary service with 10-12 Singers and Band. This contemporary service is the largest attended worship service during the weekend.

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Magnify Choir & Orchestra
John Lewis has been conducting this group for many years now. Over the years he’s developed an exciting and powerful worship ministry with the Magnify ministry team. He spends week and week preparing this group for their monthly concerts.  The singers attend a weekly rehearsal and the orchestra unites with the choir for two rehearsals and the 2nd Sunday concert. It is a wonderful experience just to come to rehearsal and watch John work with the singers and the players. Often the rehearsal turn into a worship experience because the singers and players get caught up in the spirit.

Magnify Choir is a 50-60 voice group of singers that come for many churches all over the Charlotte and surrounding areas. The singers get great joy out of praising the Lord though this music ministry. The group is funded by private donors who provide the furnished facility and printed music for each singer and player.

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BlesSing Singers and Band
John Leon Lewis became the Worship Leader for BlesSing in 2006. His job was to be the praise leader for the concert. Linking each song together with thoughts and scriptures was his main duty. John did this job faithfully until he was asked in 2008 to take over the directorship of BlesSing. BlesSing is in their seventh year of ministry. The group never travelled. For years they gave concerts on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. They had a wonderful following of family and friends but as the years went by Saturdays became a day of competing with other events. The decision was made in December 2008 to move to one concert a month.  The 4th Sunday of the month seemed to be the best time. John directed his first BlesSing concert in January 2009 to a wonderfully full house of attendees. The new direction of BlesSing brought out some new singers and we also lost some old members as well. The ministry continues to grow month after month.

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