Magnify Choir & Orchestra

John Lewis has been conducting this group for many years now. Over the years he’s developed an exciting and powerful worship ministry with the Magnify ministry team. He spends week after week preparing this group for their monthly concerts.  The singers attend a weekly rehearsal and the orchestra unites with the choir for two rehearsals and the 2nd Sunday concert. It is a wonderful experience just to come to rehearsal and watch John work with the singers and the players. Often the rehearsal turns into a worship experience because the singers and players get caught up in the spirit of the music.

Magnify Choir is a 50-60 voice group of singers that come for many churches all over the Charlotte, Cornelius and surrounding areas. The singers get great joy out of praising the Lord though this music ministry. The group is funded by private donors who provide a furnished concert facility and printed music for each singer and player.

Magnify was born over 12 years ago when the donors had a strong desire to sing music that would make them cry. Many churches are moving away from the music that pulls at the strings of your heart and cause you to cry. The Donors wanted to develop a music ministry that would cause the heart to worship and exalt the Lord. This gave birth to Magnify. In this 12 years period there have been three choral directors: Susan O’keefe, Dr. Bill Daily and John Lewis. John has conducted the group for over 6 years now.

In the earlier days of Magnify, the group sang two concerts per month. They travelled from church to church giving concerts. They would carry everything they needed to do a quality concert in those churches. Two large trailers were used that carried, keyboards, full sound equipment, drums, timpani, choral risers, monitor speakers and every kind of cable you can think of. For nine years this is how Magnify did their ministry. In 2005 we moved into the Magnify BlesSing Concert Hall. The travel plan for the group gradually changed after moving into the concert hall. We felt that if people enjoy Magnify so much that they would travel everywhere we went then they would also support a once a month concert by Magnify. Well we were right. The once a month concerts in the new building were a complete success. Today the Magnify Choir & Orchestra provide worship music for a full house of excited worshippers. Many come an hour early for the concerts because they get so much out of each concert and they want to get a good seat.

In 2008 a major addition was added to the Magnify ministry. An Orchestra. Players were brought in for the 2008 Christmas concerts. Those concerts were so well received that the orchestra was asked to remain as a permanent part of the ministry. This brought great joy to John because of his love for conducting singers and instrumentalists. The orchestra is full of professional players that love the Lord and have dedicated their skills to the Lord. They are a great addition to the Magnify ministry.

Please enjoy the picture the Magnify Choir & Orchestra in the picture gallery. In the coming months you will be able to listen to the music of Magnify online. The next step will be to allow you to see some video footage of some of our concerts of worship. Please visit John’s site often and see all the new updates that will happen each week and month.

Plan to attend the Magnify Choir concerts on the 2nd Sunday of each month. You will be blessed.

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