BlesSing Singers and Band

John Leon Lewis became the Worship Leader for BlesSing in 2006. His job was to be the praise leader for the concert. Linking each song together with thoughts and scriptures was his main duty. John did this job faithfully until he was asked in 2008 to take over the directorship of BlesSing. BlesSing is in their seventh year of ministry. The group never travelled. For years they gave concerts on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. They had a wonderful following of family and friends but as the years went by Saturdays became a day that competed with other events. The decision was made in December 2008 to move to one concert a month. The 4th Sunday of the month seemed to be the best time. John directed his first BlesSing concert in January 2009 to a wonderfully full house of attendees. The new direction of BlesSing attracted some new singers. The ministry continues to grow month after month.

When the new BlesSing was launched, brass and winds were added to the band. This has made a world of difference to the ministry of BlesSing. The music was also changed to a more praise choir sound with strong rhythm and tight brass chords. The winds also add a mellow tone to the worship concerts. As John directs this new BlesSing you can see his feet dancing before the Lord in praise. John spends every week helping the singers and player prepare for the 4th Sunday worship experience. Through prayer and careful instruction, John helps the BlesSing team understand their role as worship leaders. When the 4th Sunday comes around the team can’t wait to worship God and cause others to worship as well.

Please plan to attend the 4th Sunday BlesSing Worship Concert each month. The concert begins at 7:00 PM and is free to the public.

John is very happy to share the BlesSing picture gallery with you. In the coming weeks you will be able to hear and enjoy the recorded music of BlesSing directed by John Leon Lewis. This ministry is solely devoted to bring glory to God for all He’s done for us. As you flip through the BlesSing gallery and listen to the music, please pray the God will continue to pour out His Spirit on this ministry. Pray that more and more people will be blessed by what they hear through BlesSing and the Band.

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