Everything we do at Atria is focused on helping our residents live life to the fullest.

We strive to provide the highest quality services and accommodations; a choice of activities to nurture the body, mind and spirit; delicious, nourishing meals; and a true extended family of dedicated friends and caregivers.

Atria offers much more than a place for older people to live. We build vibrant communities that give seniors companionship, comfort and a wide choice of activities that match individual interests. When people come to Atria, they lead a richer life. They move from isolation to community. Whether they choose to play a competitive game of cards, take a morning swim or just relax with friends, residents discover a second family and a place to thrive.

"We treat our residents with the dignity, respect and compassion that we show our own family."
Joan Carter, Executive Director

What Atria Offers

  • Independent living for older people who want to connect with peers and enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Assisted living for people who need help with daily tasks like showering, dressing and managing medication regimens.
  • Memory Care - Life GuidanceĀ®, a secure and caring environment for people with memory impairment.



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